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Data pulled from previous entry

One thing that irritates me is that when I make a new entry and select from the popup, the fields are from an old entry. Would be nice if when I make a new entry of something I have entered before, it pulls from the most recent entry for that item. The old entries are so out of date, it is more work to erase them.


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    Please ensure that all optional settings in Quicken pertaining to recall, memorization, automatic categorization and renaming of payee names are enabled. You find those settings in Edit / Preferences / Data Entry & Quickfill and Downloaded Transactions. Additional settings for the detection and processing of transfer transactions can be found in Edit / Preferences / Transfer detection.

    Not recalling memorized entries when entering a new transaction?
    Go into Edit / Preferences / Data Entry and Quickfill.  Make sure "Complete Fields Using Previous Entry" has a checkmark.

    Has your Memorized Payee List grown too big?
    How many Memorized Payee List entries do you have in your file? A couple hundred? Several thousands?

    Click Help in the Menu Bar. CTRL+click About Quicken and it'll tell you in a File Information window.

    To trim the list and keep it in shape please do this:

    In Edit / Preferences / Data Entry and Quickfill make sure you have a checkmark at
    "Remove memorized payees not used in [xx] months"
    and set [xx] to something like "18". Do not set it to zero. IMHO, you should set the number to 12 or higher for best results, so that once-a-year payees don't vanish.

    Restart Quicken for the change to take effect and housekeeping to clean up the Memorized Payee List.

    Check the File Information box again to see the reduced count.

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