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I balance my Quicken every other day to stay on top of my finances. Last Wednesday (a week ago), I took time to ensure that every transaction was in my registers and recreated those that were not. Today, 8 days later, I found that transactions were again missing. These were there last week. The transaction still appears in my credit card as a completed payment but, when I try to "Go to Matching Transaction," I get an error message that the transaction does not exist. Future transactions are gone. Past transactions are gone. I cannot trust my Quicken balance anymore. I have used Quicken for 25 years and this web version is not your best work. I researched it last week and the solution was to run Validate and, if still having problems, run the Super (secret) Validate. I did these 8 days ago. It apparently did nothing to help. I am running updated Windows 11 and the updated version of Quicken. For the amount of money you're charging, I should have to spend my evenings confirming every transaction is still in my register.


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    I don't know.  But why should a charge in your credit card account have a matching transaction?  Only the payments from your checking account should be be transfers to the credit card account.  

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

  • It is a payment. The payment is cleared on my credit card. The matching transaction in the check register that was also reconciled is gone.
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    I'm having the same issues. Every time i open quicken something is missing. [Removed - Disruptive/Language] 
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    [Removed - Speculation] It used to be completely dependable until they forced us to the yearly subscriptions. [Removed - Speculation] Ever since they started doubling our transactions last year, there have been issues
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