COPY Process

My Annual Cleanup Process

Scenario - 01/31/2022 - 13 Months in the Current File(which in my case is 2021.QDF)
* Use COPY to create a 2021 archive file

Things that would improve this process:

During the COPY process
* Break all links for prior year transactions in the current file(2022)
* This leaves the transactions in the loan accounts and 401k accounts to maintain balances
* It also removes the 2021 linked transactions from the new file in checking and savings accounts

After COPY in the Previous Year File 2021 Archive
* Delete Managed Bill Payments
* Delete All Stock Price History After EOY Date (12/31/2021) so Balances Match

I run 2 reports to help me manually clean all of this up each year so that all of my balances match between last year ending and current year beginning. I have used Quicken since 1989 (34 Years). I did use MS Money for 2 years and they handled this process in the way I am describing, and yes I know they stopped selling MS Money along time ago.

Thank you for your consideration.
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