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I've been an avid Quicken user for many years. I have several very small companies in the Quicken Home & Business product. I found a small bookkeeping company to help me and they tried to access via web and now are encouraging me to switch to Quickbooks. I've had this before and I end up back at Quicken. Are there quicken friendly remote bookkeeping companies? thanks


  • Same problem.

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    Are there quicken friendly remote bookkeeping companies?

    Based on the (over-? under-?)whelming response I'd say the answer is "No".
    Primary reason, as far as I can see it: Quicken is NOT designed as a multi-user software package.
    You cannot run it from a server or otherwise have more than one person at a time access any Quicken data file. Any attempts of doing so carry with it the risk of damaging the data file beyond repair.

    If you must have a bookkeeping service perform data entry on your database while you and perhaps even other employees of your company access the database for their own purposes, you must find a server-based, multi-user capable accounting software product.
    Quickbooks Online comes to mind, but there might also be others available on the Internet which provide similar services … at a price, of course …

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