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I emailed Synchrony Bank to find out why I can no longer use WebConnect to download transactions into my Quicken. In part, this is the response:

I am assuming this applies to all Synchrony Bank Credit Partners.

"...We understand your concern regarding the Quicken setup that is not working on your account to download statements for some of our clients with Synchrony.
I would kindly request you to follow the steps below and try it first.

1) From the Activity drop down menu, click on Activity.
2) Go to the bottom right of the page and click on Export
3) Select the type of format that you wish to use
4) Choose Quicken/Quicken Books
5) Click Save

You will receive a prompt to save the downloaded file at a particular location on your computer. Once saved, you can use the Import function to load transactions into Quicken.

Please note the following:
- Quicken downloads can only be completed through the Online Credit Center
- Statement information cannot be downloaded from
- Currently we only support InternetExplorer and Mozilla Browsers
- We do not currently allow direct WebConnect downloads from within the Quicken software..."

"... If the issue continues please contact the Quicken Support Center site at for additional assistance."
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