Bug with 6.7 - Can't use arithmetic to change transaction amount

Stu Janis
Stu Janis Member ✭✭
I just upgraded to 6.7 and the following doesn't work anymore. Let's say I have a $50 transaction. I could click in the amount field, type +10= and the amount would change to $60. Now the amount changes to $10.

I use this feature daily, so I hope it gets fixed quickly. In the meantime is there a workaround short of a calculator?


  • Stu Janis
    Stu Janis Member ✭✭
    Note: If I don't type the equals sign at the end, it seems to work OK.
  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    I'm not sure this is new. But I think what you are seeing is that if you start typing the "+10" with the original amount all highlighted, then the "+10" is going to replace the amount. To avoid this and bring up the calculator, you can hit the right arrow key first to put the cursor at the right end of the original amount. Then "+10=" will work as you expect.
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