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This morning the Quicken Express Web Connect for all three accounts that I have that use that method quit working. There is no error message, nor is there an update to the last connection for each account. The Update finishes immediately without any indication that it failed, other than the fact that it still shows my last update for all three Express Web Connect accounts was yesterday morning.

My bank accounts that Use Direct Connect work fine. It is only the accounts that use Express Web Connect that do not update.


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    Correction --- the last successful attempt for Express Web Connect was this morning 5/02.2022 8:29 AM EDT
  • I have had this happen when I restored a backup file.  But nevertheless, it is an easy fix.  For each account that is not working (i.e. the ones with Express Web Connect):

    1.  Go into Account Details 
    2.  Click on the "Online Services" tab.
    3.  Click on "Reset Account"
    4.  Complete the tasks it may ask you.  If it asks you to resign into the account, it probably will have the sign on information pre-filled in.  If not, you will need this information ready.
    5. After you complete doing this for each account, do a One Step Update again and verify that the update time and date are current.

    I have done this several times, and for me, it works every time without issue.
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    Damian --- Thanks.

    I just RESET those three Express Web Connect accounts and it worked. I logged back on here to let everyone know that the 'Account Reset' in Online Services worked when I saw your post.

    I have a laptop and a desktop that I use to run Quicken. I mostly use the desktop, but about every 6 months or so I will transfer the latest backup file to my laptop to use on a trip. Apparently, something about the Express Web Connect function does not like that so I have to do the reset. Because I don't do this very often, I tend to forget that I have to do that now.

    I just added a note to ONE NOTE (along with my other Quicken notes) to remind myself of that fact.

    Thanks again for your quick response.
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