TIAA Cref Issues since upgrading to R40.21 Build

sal mattimiro
sal mattimiro Member ✭✭✭
Last week I was upgraded to Quicken for Windows 10 Build and I now have multiple download (One Step Upgrade) issues.  1) New transactions never download. 2) Downloading transaction from the TIAA website as an alternative to One Step Update appears to work but the new transactions do not show up in the register.  3) sometimes after restarting Quicken the missing transactions might show up in the register but not every time.  4) When the transactions show up, Quicken selects the wrong fund for Buys, reinvested income and sold transactions for a few of the existing investments.  I ca manually type in the correct name of the investment and enter the transaction but the next time there is a transaction for that same investment fund it once again will try to select the wrong fund. Even the suggested funds that show up as I type the fund's name do not include he correct fund.  This release is a major downgrade.  All the headaches of last year have returned.  All the fixes put in place for Schwab accounts have now moved to TIAA and other accounts.  [Removed - Disruptive/Rant/Speculation]
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