Can someone help decipher the graph at the top of the budget page?

Paul Smith2
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I have created a "cash flow" report to keep track of my annual spending.  Personal  Income / Personal Expenses.  My annual budget is laid out month by month - the last column being Budget Totals for the year.  

So the Total Income for the year for me includes Social Security plus Personal Income.  In the Personal Income category I have included transfers from various banking accounts and distributions from IRA accounts.  So I can easily sum up these amounts and see the totals on the big annual budget spreadsheet.  No problem...   

Unfortunately that number is not the same as the "Budgeted Income" on the big graph at the top of the budget page!!

When I click on the "SAVINGS" portion of the graph, it helpfully defines Savings as Budgeted Income - Budgeted Expenses (including reminders).   The budgeted Expenses is exactly the same number as the Budget spreadsheet summary, but the Budgeted Income is not...  The number in the bar graph is $18K larger than the numbers in the spread sheet!

When I defined this cash flow report, I excluded dividends from my IRA accounts because they are not actually available to "spend".  I did include expected RMD distributions as a cash transfer from the accounts.  Could the bar graph be including these dividends whereas my spread sheet is not??

Can someone help me out here?  I've been trying to explain this to myself for a month??  to no avail.    Am I missing something??

Paul Smith
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