can I track transfers by Tags in reports (Q Mac)

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I use several different tags to track transfer monies into a holding account, I would like to be able to see the balance of each individual tag in a report. how can I do this? this is like when I used the windows version of using the "Savings Goals" option. I wish that was still available to us MAC users


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    I am not a Reports export, but since you have received no comments to your question...

    1) In Quicken's Reports tab, look for a report Transactions by Tag that will get you started. You may wish to edit a copy of this report to refine the result.

    2) If you want a just the balance without the transactions, then you will have to create a summary report: 

    Choose Summary Report
    Choose Tag for the Row, and leave Column = Time, Time Interval = None.
    Click Create New Report

    Once you see these two reports, you can make a variety of customizations (Edit in the report toolbar) and play with this until you get the results you need.

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