Quicken Using Wrong URL for Citibank Investments

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Sometime last year, Citibank stopped allowing you to view details of your Citibank Investment accounts using your www.citibank.com web site; they would only display the account balance. They were still allowing transaction download of investment activity for a brief period after that change. Sometime late last year, that stopped working, and One-step Update was returning an error that my login information was incorrect only for my investment account. My regular Citibank banking and credit card transactions continue to download correctly. The correct URL for Citibank Investments is investments.citi.com which uses different credentials than www.citibank.com. Quicken still attempts to go to www.citibank.com, and does not provide a way to override that URL in their setup dialog. I have reported this several times, giving them the correct URL, but 3 releases later (possibly more), the setup dialog still shows www.citibank.com, even though it is explicitly reflecting that it is for Citibank Investments. Has anyone seen any information from Quicken on if/when they plan to address this? Seems like a pretty basic function to completely miss at this level.

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