Transfer of mutual fund shares between accounts not showing up

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I'm using Quicken for Mac Version 6.7.0 (Build 607.44072.100) and running macOS 10.15.7. My quicken file includes two brokerage accounts and I attempted to transfer shares of a mutual fund from one account to the other. Both accounts had shares of the same fund to begin with. When I enter the transaction to transfer the shares, they are removed from the sending account and the incoming transaction shows up in the receiving account, but the additional shares are not being added to the existing total when I check the holdings in the portfolio view. That is, if I had 10 shares of XYZ in the receiving account to being with, and transferred 5 more from another account, the 5 are removed from the sending account's portfolio, and the outgoing and incoming transactions appears in the sending and receiving transaction lists, but the total shares in the receiving account are not being updated (to 15) to reflect the addition of the 5 new shares. The total in the receiving account stays at 10. Help!


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    I think everything is working correctly, and Placeholders are the source of your ire.

    Look at the begging of the recipient account for the transferred shares. You will likely see a transaction in light gray that "adjusts" when you transfer shares in, thusly negating your increase. It is doing this because your brokerage is reporting x shares held, and Quicken will adjust that placeholder to make sure it is correct even after you add more shares to the account via your transfer.

    You can wait until the recipient brokerage updates the amount you hold/presents transactions indicating transfer. If the placeholder is only for the amount transferred, you can delete the placeholder if you like. 
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    Genius! Thanks so much! The transfer happened a few weeks ago. I "updated" the sending account online shortly after but not yet the receiving account. I just did the latter now and all is good. Thanks again!
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