Web and Quicken for windows sign in issues

I was having issues the past couple of days where i was unable to sign into either Quicken for the Web or Quicken for Windows. On both I have been receiving an "Oops something went wrong message".

I am now able to sign into Quicken on the Web but NOT on Quicken for Windows (Now I get invalid creditals message). The change that I did was that I am now running a VPN. That is allowing me to access the web but still have the issue with the Windows version.

1) What do I need to do to get the Quicken for windows to sign in?

2) Why am I needing to use a VPN now (did not need over the weekend) and what do I need to do to get rid of the VPN?



  • Patrick80138
    Patrick80138 Member ✭✭
    After waiting for a while (couple of hours after resetting password) I am now able to sign into Quicken from the Quicken from Windows. However, I HAVE to be running a VPN for that to happen (or even from the quicken.com site).

    Would like to know why I need to run a VPN to sign in.
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