No errors during one step update but no transactions are downloading

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I've used Quicken Premier since 2015 (v R40.21 ) (it drives me crazy they have the leading space before the last parentheses!) and haven't seen this particular issue.

The one step update returns no errors and says there are no new transactions but there are new transactions. Affected accounts that I know have transactions are Chase (checking) and Fidelity (brokerage), both using Direct Connect. I have tried resetting and also have signed out and back in to the cloud account per other posts and neither have helped. This started May 8 or 9.



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    Chase has been bombarded with error postings the last several days. Search/scan this forum for relevant info. I don't use Chase checking, only CC so cannot give specific help. On the side, Chase DC is going away this summer or sooner so you will need to be prepared for some changes, and they most likely will not be good.
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    Thanks - I did go through all of those and was encountering the error everyone else is talking about. Turning off the bill pay (which I wasn't using) did get rid of the error but it also got rid of transactions being downloaded. For completeness, I was getting transactions when I was seeing the error. I'm hesitant to turn bill pay back on since I'm not using it but would take the error if it meant getting my transactions back.

    I did change the connection method to Express Web Connect and my goodness did it screw up over ten years of perfectly balanced accounts (2 checking, 1 savings, 3 credit cards, and a mortgage). I restored from a backup and am back to square one.

    And no changes were made in Fidelity and it still isn't downloading a known transaction. I won't have one for another couple days but expect the same unwanted behavior.
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