35 Year Quicken User; So many cosmetic issues unresolved

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Been a Quicken user for 35+ years; Using it Online for 22 years....Windows version.

Yes, Quicken works; I connect with my banks....but.....

There are so many things visually that are annoying going on when Running Quicken and have been for maybe a year or more...and what I hear from Quicken...they are known issues and are not a Priority and no ETA's.

When I connect (OSU)...I see my Background go totally BLACK intermittently...all you see is the OSU running, when it finishes its connection..I see the registers Flashing.  Quickens prior Update before R40.21...the Flashing Registers were really Bad and a Newer Update was released.  But the OSD Backgroung going Balck...and the registers still falshing but not as bad...is still ongoing.

Again, Quicken works, it connects but how annoying as you Watch the OSU progressing to see these other issues.  I just feel now that I am paying a Yearly subscription Fee...I am seeing LESS from Quicken to correct long ongoing Issues.  There are so many other issues, I'll list a few, You enter an Online Transfer and in error you have the wrong date, you get the Popup enter correct date....the entrie register entry is WIPED out and you must re-enter all the information again.  I have sent this issue to Quicken over the past 3 years many times...it has not been addressed.  This issue should let entered info remain and you need only to correct the Date.  Sometimes the ACCEPT button when accepting downloaded Transactions...disappears.

As a 35+ year user of Quicken I feel like the New ownership is no longer listening to its Loayal customers.  Seems only major issues are addressed but really, the little things should count as well...at sometime the List of items that need to be fixed, those little items come to the top and should get fixed.  I have worked directly by phone with Q Senior Support agents who have advised these are known issues and simply not Priorities..and they have confirmed the Issues are not with my software or data File.  

I will admit after 35+ years I am thinking about just doing my Online Banking directly with the Banks...and dropping Quicken...and I would think there are other Loyal users like me...thinking the same thing.

Quicken...please pay attention to those of us who really know Quicken...and see all these Cosmetic/Visual issues...and get them resolved 


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    I've raised this issue several times over the last 3 years. To no avail. Resign yourself to it, forget it and don 't allow it to cause you brain damage as Quicken isn't worth that!
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