Register balance sort by Date and amount to show deposit first (Q Mac)

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I fund my checking account on the 1st of the month with is the same day as I ACH my Mortgage payment. In the Register when I sort by date it shows my payment fist then my tuning/income/addition. This causes the balance to show negative. In reality, bank clears end of day so I am not negative at all. In quicken I can solve this by showing income before spending on the same day but I do not see a way to do this.

So, short version, can I get my register to to sort by date and then a second field, or tell to always show income before spending when sorted by date.




  • RickO
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    There is no automatic way to do this. But you can manually drag and drop the income transaction's position to fall between the 1st of the month and the last transaction of the previous month. You can manually reorder this way for any collection of transactions on the same date. 
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    If on the same day, you can drag the "income" in the register to be place before the expense/withdrawal
    Just select the one you want to move, hold it by keeping on pressing the click and drag it 
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    Thanks for the workaround. I had not thought to try this. I sort and resort a lot and tend to look twelve months out so if this is the only option, I may opt to schedule the funding before the first.
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