Dowload of brokerage data from T.Rowe Price no longer working

Per TRP, a change to Quicken prevents download of ANY brokerage accounts if 1 of them has a zero balance.


  • jog1418
    jog1418 Member ✭✭
    I would fall into that category .. many of my accounts were converted to I class ,, the account id number were kept the same but stock symbol changed eg TRBCX changed to TBCIX .. the od TRBCX still shows but zero balance ..does Quicken acknowledge issue and trying to resolve ??
  • Tony Cleveland
    Tony Cleveland Member ✭✭
    Now TRP tells me, oops, our bad, it is a bug on our end and we are working to fix it. It will update your prices, but for now transactions are manual. This, of course, means actually having to read and enter the confirmations when they email you telling them they are available. Royal pain, and I'm pretty pissed that they blamed it on Quicken (not that I'm a fan, but they are the only game in town).
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