Archive Investment Transactions causes account cash balance to be wrong

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I am running Windows Version R40.21 Build on Windows 10.
I have an investment account with a lot of transactions and it is very slow to enter transactions in that investment account (everything else in Quicken is very fast). I did an "Archive Investment Transactions" as suggested. When complete the cash balance with completely wrong (very messed up). Fortunalty I had a backup and restored so it is back to correct. Is there a way to do a "Archive Investment Transactions" without affect the cash balance in the account or did I do something wrong?


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    The last transactions in the working account and the archive account should show a transfer of the cash balance from archive to working. The archive account should have a zero balance for both securities and cash. It worked fine for me in 5 accounts.
    If that doesn't describe how it worked for you, then it sounds like something went wrong. I don't know how you could have done anything wrong; there aren't any options you could have screwed up.
    I know that Quicken does a Validate before each archive, but I don't know exactly what level of validation is performs. You might try super-validating and rebuilding lots & price history and see if the results of archiving look better after that.

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