PNC Bank Direct Connect - can't see future bill payments on bank site

FWIW: Since escaping the Truist trainwreck and joining PNC last Feb, I've been generally pleased with the PNC online banking experience, using Direct Connect. That said, I have run into a shortcoming with the way PNC displays my checking acct activity online: When I access my checking acct on the PNC site, I can only see those bill payments that have been cleared by PNC. What I cannot see on the PNC site are the the upcoming bill payments that I have recently sent to PNC via Direct Connect. These future bill payments are indeed displayed in my Quicken register with an assigned check number, the future payment date, and the little lightning bolt symbol; all of which indicate that the bill payment is somewhere in PNC's queue awaiting payment.
So, be aware that when you access your PNC account on their site, your upcoming payments are nowhere to be found - as confirmed this morning by PNC tech support: "'s just the way we do things."
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