Incorrect online balance for USAA Credit Card

Catt Member
I was getting an incorrect online balance when trying to reconcile my USAA credit card, which would not allow me to reconcile the account. My other accounts were fine, just the credit card online balance was incorrect. We created a dummy account and used the USAA Federal Savings Bank link instead of the USAA Credit Card link and it worked properly. This is a work around, but unless you want to keep your data in a separate file, which is clunky, or start from scratch, this may be your only option if you want to use the online balance option. Apparently, there is an issue with the USAA credit card online balance link, and I am only able to reconcile my credit card account using the statement information. This has been the case since August 2021. It took me quite awhile, and many frustrating attempts to get Quicken support to understand this was not a user error! Eventually, I asked for a supervisor appointment and he was very competent and discovered the issue. Bottom line, I need to notify USAA and hope they fix the link and balance this account using statement information!
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