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Phil O
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All by Tabs have disappeared. Under View / Tabs to Show, I have toggled between checking and unchecking all the Tabs including Spending, Bills, Planning, Investing, Property & Debt, Mobile & Web, Tips & Tutorials and Add-On Services to no avail. The Home tab is checked, but grayed out and also does not show. In particular, I am interested in the Investment "Portfolio View" to manage my investments.

I am using Quicken Deluxe and my software is up to date. I noticed this change within the past 30 days or so.


  • UKR
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    Please check this:
    In Tabs to show, the Home tab is always greyed out. It's forced on (checked) because it's always needed.
    Recommend you also set "Classic Menus" to see the full list of available menus even if tabs are not shown.
  • Phil O
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    Thank you! The "Standard Menus" was the culprit.
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