Printing reports used to work right and now it doesn’t (Q Win 2005)

I’m using Quicken 2005. It’s fine and I’d rather not upgrade. But for the past several months, anytime I create a report and press Print the following message is displayed: “Unable to verify the active printer at the system level. Please verify the printer is turned on and try again.”

There are buttons for OK and Help. Help gets me the usual printer help window, which does not explain how to fix the pblm. OK closes the error msg window but does nothing to correct the pblm. Repressing Print repeats the error msg window.

The printer is on, of course. It works flawlessly with every other software I use. I have verified the driver is up to date.

I’m running Windows 10, up to date. I’m using a Canon Pixma 6120 inkjet printer.

I have read other print problem message here but they don’t help. One said I could reset printer settings using File, File Operations, Verify and Repair, Reset All Quicken Printers, or something close to that, but that choice is unavailable in Quicken 2005. All I get is File, File Operations, Verify, Reports, and choosing that just gets the same error msg I typed above.

I’d like suggestions please.


  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    Rename %APPDATA%\Intuit\Quicken\Config\WPR.DAT and restart Quicken. That should clear out your printer settings and you can set them up fresh.

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  • tomseeley
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    Presto! Your instructions solved the pblm instantly! Thank you both so much!
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