How to make unselected accounts not show up in the Budget Details? (Q Mac)

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I have created my budget and selected the Accounts I want to see. When I pull up my budget view, the budgeted expenses amount is correct. However when I click on the line item to bring up the Budget Details, it shows me transactions for accounts I did NOT select for the budget and includes these transaction amounts in the totals for this detailed report. How can I remove these because it changes my totals? Thanks!


  • John_in_NC
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    Hi, megs0676:

    Before I can try to help you further, I need some clarification on what you mean by "click on line item to bring up the Budget Details" means:

    Is this in the 12 month Budget view when clicking on a Category? Is it when you do the former, and click on button that shows "View [month] Transactions"?

    Or is this in the 1 month view?

    More details are appreciated to help me try to reproduce what you are seeing. Thanks!
  • megs0676
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    Thanks for asking the clarifying questions! To be honest, I wasn't sure how to word it. I'm talking specifically in the one month view. For instance, I only want to see/include the transactions from our 1-ORNL HH Checking account and that is the only one I have selected in our Budget Set up.

    As an example: on the one month view for May it says we've spent $231 of our budgeted $740 (which is correct and what I want to see). When I click on the green bar graph to get to the detailed view it shows me all the accounts, including my husbands US Bank Checking, and the total amount is not the same since it truly adds all the accounts together. The $231 is correct and what I want to see, but my question is how do I exclude the accounts I don't want on this detailed report so the totals are the same?

    Hopefully this helps! Thanks for any direction you can provide.
  • John_in_NC
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    Thanks for responding, megs0676. It helped me reproduce what appears to be a bug with that older single month view. 

    The popup bar graph is where the problem lies-the total is correct, but when clicking on it gives the unfiltered transaction report.

    I even reproduced this with a frequently used Category (Groceries) and had it set to a single account that sees no activity. The bar graph was blank, but when I clicked on the month, there was a report with all my Grocery transactions.

    I will report this. In the interim, you might wish to simply use the 12 month view as that filters correctly even when you drill down for details as you call it.

    Thanks for your help with this!
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