Anyone else having issue with Growth of $10K Chart?

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I have noticed that for the Growth of $10000 Chart... the chart flatlines as of Jan 2022 for all the index comparisons. My security line is fine... but S&P 500, NASDAQ, DOW, etc... all just started the flatline (i.e. don't change each month) as of Jan 2022 on the chart. Anyone else3 having this issue. I tried the validate and repair file... with no change.

Spoke the Customer Support, but I might as well have been speaking to a wall. They recommended I review the data thoroughly and speak to my bank to get S&P 500, NASDAQ, etc. corrected???


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    Nope, not seeing that.
    Try customizing the view you are looking at. Remove the Growth of 10k graph and then add it back in. Sometimes a forced refresh wakes up Quicken widgets.
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  • @marlonious I think they are flatlining because they (Market Indices) haven't been updated since Jan 2022.  Please look at your market indices in the Security List and verify they are there and being updated.  You would also be able to check the "Historical Prices" for these indices to verify that the daily updates are complete.
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    Thanks @"Rocket J Squirrel" and @Damian. I tried both. Removing the chart and adding it back in didn't work. I did look at the market indices in the Security list an the were all listed with a check mark. But still were not updating.

    What I did do however is add a new market index (ie checked off a new index in the Security list). This required an update to the price history for that index. It seems that then Quicken updated all of the indexes (both the new ones and the existing ones). There was a message about a Cloud Synch error that popped up.

    Keeping fingers crossed that this wont happen again the future.

    Thanks for your help!

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    @marlonious - you are welcome.  It sounds like a "cloud sync issue" caused the indices to stop updating and adding a new index, fixed the issue for all of them.  That is a new one (at least for me).  Were you able to confirm that all of the indices populated updates from Jan 2020 to current?
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    @Damian - yep... I was able to confirm that all of the indices populated with the updated data from Jan 2022 to current. The Growth of $10K chart now no longer flatlines as of Jan 2022!
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