Can't Link CircleK VOYA retirement plan to Quicken

Bob468736 Member ✭✭
I have a retirement plan that is administered by Voya, but can't get it to link to quicken. I am using Quicken for windows Premier and have the the latest version R40.21.
I have read most of the previous threads on this site and none seem to have the magic fix for this account. It seems that most are using the Voya Institutional Plan services then there with some @xxxxx behind the user ID when putting the information into quicken they suggest using what is in front of the in the login html. Well mine doesn't have anything like that and when I just try "circlek401k" which seems to be the plan identifier. Quicken gives me the message that I need customer ID and password. So seems to me it isn't liking the ID format that I am putting in. Here is the webpage information that I see when I have logged in my account on line. (with a few xx's added


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