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Activate Downloads causes Quicken to hang for Schwab accounts

Schwab “Activate Downloads” problem
Quicken Premier, Version: R40.21, Build

The Schwab accounts will not activate. On the Account List under “Transaction Download ?” it shows “No (Activate Downloads)”When I click on “Activate Downloads” the screen goes dim and Quicken does not respond. It can sit there for an hour with no change. Task Manager shows that it is not getting any CPU time or Disk activity. It will not terminate using the little red X in the upper right corner of the window. The only way to exit is to terminate the process from Task Manager.

How I got here:
I had problems with downloading from a credit union. It would miss transactions and randomly change the balances. We reverted to manually entering and reconciling those 4 accounts.

Schwab had problems in the past, but they were fixed, and those 6 accounts were working fine.

Two credit card accounts were also working just fine.

Then I tried to download from the credit union again and it messed up all the work we had done for 3 months. So, I restored from the latest backup.

After that, all the Transaction Download settings were gone. I re-entered the credentials for the credit union and the credit cards, and they worked after I adjusted for matches.

What do I need to do to activate downloads? There is no offer to deactivate the accounts or Reset them.

It is similar to this reported issue:
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