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I have been using Quicken to manage my accounts, including TIAA, for a long long time. Lately a TIAA account with TIAA Traditional, shows these periodic one day spikes of where the balance went to millions of dollars then right back down to reality. I can find no single transactions that seem at play here. I have deleted and reloaded the account only to have yet another of these "spikes" show up in the history chart. I think TIAA is a little odd and TIAA Traditional (a sort of annuity) is even odder, but if anyone has advice on this annoying but not critical problem, that would be great.


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    If your holdings aren't changing (i.e., no transactions are downloaded in that range), then I would suspect an issue with the price histories giving you inflated values.

    When you have a sudden (unrealistic) windfall, you can look at the Portfolio view of your TIAA account to see a security that appears erroneous. Then, you can look at Window: Securities. Navigate to that security, and look at its' price history. I suspect you will see oddities in the time periods that you are extra wealthy. 

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    Thanks, but that is not it. The account is TIAA traditional where the share value is always $1 per share. There are no anomalies in the price history at all. The Portfolio view shows a date of 12/31/21 as one of the dates here I was worth millions more, but there are NO transactions or anything on that date or the other dates. This is so annoying.
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