Why do I have to keep updating? (Q Mac 6.7.1 update problem)

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This is the WORST version of Quicken I have ever used.
I have using this program since 1993!
Today was a final straw, neither computer that is running 6.7.1 version will open my file.
Both get the same message to update to the version I AM RUNNING!!!
Now I can't even open up my backup files.


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    A quick thing to try: quit Quicken. Then hold down the Shift key and start Quicken by clicking on its icon in the Dock (or by double-clicking on the Quicken icon in the Applications folder).

    When Quicken asks "Do you want to open "file name"?, click on the Cancel button (you want to bypass the attempt to open your data file at this point).

    When the "Let's get stated" window appears, you can close than window, again because we want to bypass opening a data file.

    At this point: has Quicken suggested that you update to the current version (as you reported in your initial post)? If so, please post a screenshot of the message in its window.

    Now you have some choices, all in the Quicken: File menu:
    a) Open... (or Open Recent)
    b) Restore from Backup...

    You might try one of the Open choices first to see how Quicken reacts. It may work, or it may fail in a manner similar to your initial posted report.

    All else fails, try Restore from Backup...

    And if that fails, try
    c) New... > Start from Scratch

    Do this last just to see if Quicken works at all ... even though it has had trouble with your existing data files.

    Report back with as much detail as you can gather, so we can see what is happening.

    For screenshots, just click in your reply message to place the cursor where you want to insert an image. Then drag and drop the screenshot over the message. The image should appear at the cursor after a second or three. To take a screenshot of a window, use Command-Shift-5, make sure Capture Selected Window is highlighted in the small toolbar that appears at the bottom of the screen, position the mouse cursor over the desired window so that it becomes highlighted, and click. Also: In the small toolbar there is an Options menu to customize the process.
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