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Fidelity merged another IRA account into this managed one and then did a lot of trades into what they wanted. The ROI YTD value is way off. I know the asterisk suggest placeholders that could be causing the errors. But I have looked at the transactions for every symbol there and can find no placeholders. Anyone with suggestions ? Picture attached. I also tried deleting the account and downloaded a fresh one from Fidelity but that came with a bunch of placeholders in the new account data.


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    Were you looking for placeholders in the account transaction list?  Do you have the preference setting for Investment transactions set to Show Hidden Transactions?

    What is your basis for saying the ROI YTD is way off?  Are you referring to that value for individual securities or for the account as a whole?   

    It would appear that you are assuming all transactions downloaded from Fidelity are true and accurate for your needs in Quicken.  If so, that is a poor assumption.  IMO, you need to review all such transactions to make sure they fully represent what took place in the real world.  For example, Fidelity might download an Add Shares to bring in shares from the old account to this account.  That downloaded transaction may not have any information about the cost basis of the shares being added.

    On the whole, I am more trusting of Average Annual Return calculations within Quicken over other 'return' parameters like ROI.  ROI is highly dependent on the Amount Invested parameter in Quicken which can be vastly different that what many users expect.   
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