trouble connection to Summit Credit Union WISC since their big update

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If so, how do I solve this problem. I donwload everything and my 6 accounts at summit will not download. In fact, it only allows me to start new manual or enter manual transactions. Its really pissing me off since it says its the banks deal, but the bank said Quicken has not updated yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Well, of course we have no idea what exactly you are doing, or what error you might be seeing....
    What exactly does "my 6 accounts at summit will not download".
    Here is the current Quicken config info your Summit WISC -
    AND - it appears to only list & support manual downloading from the Summit online website - called Web Connect -
    18507    18507    18507    Summit Credit Union-WISC   
    800-236-5560    ACTIVE        

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    I am having the same problem. My accounts say they are connected but they don't download any thing and summit is not on the list of the accounts that are actively downloading. This all happened since summit upgraded their website.
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    As I posted above - it appears the only Quicken connections supported by Summit - and contracted for with Quicken services - is the manual downloading from the Summit online website. 
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    I am having same problem also since they updated online banking. I had been using direct connect for years. Now it is no longer working. I click on update transactions. The online update pop up screen appears, I click update now, one step update screen then pops up, says complete, but no transactions are downloaded.
    I have had to download QFX files from Summits web site to import transactions.
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    We are aware of a recent connection issue with Summit Credit Union accounts and Intuit programs (including Quicken, Quickbooks and Mint). We are actively working with Intuit to provide a fix for the automatic connection.

    Manually importing transactions is available for Quicken and Quickbooks. You can download QFX files from Summit online banking ( in the Transaction History screen using the Export dropdown on the top right of the transaction table. Select QFX as the Export format to download the file. You can then import those transactions into Quicken or Quickbooks. Hopefully this helps, thanks!
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    Summit... [Removed - Disruptive] Releasing a "new and improved user experience' without testing Quicken sync support? They only way that happens is that you never intended on supporting Quicken.

    Guess what? UW Credit Union supports Quicken sync. They have a new customer.
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    I see that user SUMMITCU USER answered this question. I too, have many accounts at Summit.

    The main username I used to aggregate all my accounts does update in Quicken. I did, however, have to answer Summits message that I changed my password. After that it worked but none of the other accounts will update and phone support said they are working on it.

    MAKE SURE TO MAKE A BACKUP BEFORE DOING THE PROCEDURE THEY SUGGEST. I tried another user name account to follow the instructions.

    I did the export from Summit and imported into Quicken but when I imported it looks like it imported 90 days (which is the default view in Summit... you can change that but I didn't think of that) and all other data was gone for that particular account except the last 90 days (all filters are empty).

    I probably won't mess with it again but I'm assuming I needed a date range (like since my last web connect) but should it wipe out all other previous transactions? I didn't see any options to add or replace so I'm not sure if it was me or the upload. Now I will have to restore my backup. I'm thankful I made one recently!
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    I called Quicken and they said that the screen I was looking at was the import screen where I could accept the upload or reject some of the items so it didn't wipe out my transactions! I'd never done an upload so I wasn't familiar with the import screen.....
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    So that's it. Were ****. So much for great technology to help us live easier lives. I will be leaving Summit with in the year unless they get smart and solve this issue. Wish I never left Landmark.
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    I have the same problem since the update _ This is the information I just got from their "help" person (Nic) via a message. Has anyone gotten it to work? When I search "delink" in quicken answers, nothing useful comes up. Has anyone found a solution and how to make it work??? I wonder if they don't realize Quicken was sold to HIG Capital in 2016.

    "Intuit, maker of Quicken / Quickbooks / Mint has informed us that the best course of action is to delink your Summit Credit Union accounts and then relink them again. You should be able to locate how to do this based on the software you are using by navigating to their help/support section of their website for additional information. When relinking your account,
    please be sure to select "SUMMIT CREDIT UNION - WISC" as the Financial Institution name.

    Intuit has asked us to please refer our members to their support team should this not solve the issues as they will continue to provide additional support for their software/ services."
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    SummitCU said: We are aware of a recent connection issue with Summit Credit Union accounts
    Just looked again at the internal Quicken config for Summit - as of today - 7/3/22 - and there are several SUMMIT entries -
    However this previous entry now supports the online downloading using Quicken One Step Update -
    18507    18507    18507    Summit Credit Union-WISC    800-236-5560    ACTIVE
    QWin Deluxe Subscription - Win10
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