Bug Report: Transaction report rendered useless

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edited July 2022 in Reports (Windows)
- Create a transaction report with a subset of Categories
- Use the option button to go back into the report
- Regardless of whether the report had Shown Hidden Categories selected or not, that checkbox is always selected, and the hidden categories are pre-selected

Result: You must you the tiny listbox to unselect a whole bunch of categories that were not selected in the original report


  • @usersincedosversion - It is a report bug.  Until it's fixed, the only workaround I know of is to go to your category list and unhide all categories. 
  • That bug has been there for a decade. And the customize dialog still thinks we are using 640 by 480 resolution screens. It's not resizable and you can only see 7 categories at a time when the system has several hundreds to scroll through. Craziness. Makes you think quicken developers don't use the product.
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