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Bug Report: Dashboard Expense Tiles do not remember settings

UserSinceDosVersion Member ✭✭
edited July 2022 in Reports (Windows)
Click settings for a an “Expense” Tile
Click Categories tab
Select “Include transactions with selected categories”
Click Select All (now all the categories are selected)
Close report
Now go back into the settings, and some of the categories are no longer selected


  • If the answer is " it's the income categories" that get unselected, then why list them in the first place?

    If that is the case, then change the bug description to be: "Income categories are listed when then are meaningless in the report.
  • @usersincedosversion - I think you are seeing this because when you "select all" you are also including Income Categories which should not be included in this graph/report.
  • Correct. If the categories should not be included, they should not be presented to the user in the first place. It's one bug or the other - your pick. Changing the user settings with no explanation just makes for a confusing UI.
  • @Damian - Try the following for an even stranger behavior:

    Customize an "Expenses" tile to have a subset of the categories.
    Now click full graph and go into the settings for that new chart.
    It defaults to have the "include all transactions..." even though the tile had "Include only transactions..."
    And to make it more illogical, if you click "Select All", get out of the settings dialog and go back into it, all of "Income" categories are still selected. So effectively it's the opposite behavior reported above in the tiles settings.
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