Projected Balance Graph shows Accounts that are not selected

I'm running Version 40.21, build on Windows 11 and now I have a problem when I select multiple accounts to show Projected Balances when using the Bills and Income Tab.  When I select a single account everything shows and almost works correctly.  The billing detail is not available when you select a data point ( Nothing scheduled for this data period) sometimes appears but only on some data points,

When I go to "Select Multiple Accounts"  I can select 1, 2 3, etc. accounts ( all are Spending accounts) but the Projected Balances Graph shows ALL of my accounts including Assets, etc regardless.   The Projected Balances graph shows correctly on the "HOME" screen but is also missing some "billing detail" on a data point.

This looks like a bug.   Anybody got a work -around?????


  • Ray3
    Ray3 Unconfirmed ✭✭
    edited June 2022
    The chart on my version, [Removed - Beta NDA] shows the accounts properly in the graph. However, the list of transactions only shows the income, none of the bill and payments that are scheduled in the time frame.
  • wa5idxhdm
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    Ray3 - Thanks for the update.  I downloaded the latest Beta Version onto my production machine and it still shows "multiple accounts" that have NOT been selected in the Bills&Income Tab Projected Balances graph.   It's interesting to note that the "HOME" tab Projected Balances Graph (under My Money) shows correctly so it is definitely tied to the code associated with the "Billing" tab.  I did find the "bug" affecting the display of Billing detail in the Graph.  It is necessary to have at least one (1) online biller defined to get the Bill update to run as well as show details on the Projected Balance Graph.  I can't find my Beta Credentials to completely rely on the Beta release [Removed - Beta NDA] so I've re-installed the current production version JIC.

    Still looking for an update to production and/or a work-around.

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