Hyundai Finance balances not correct

Coming back to Quicken after many years - just resubscribed last month. Using the latest Quicken Premier on a Windows 10 machine.

I have a car loan with Hyundai Finance. It was a 0% deal, the original loan balance was 43,044.30, opened on 5/19/2021. The payment is 896.75 monthly for a four year term. Current balance as of today is 32,283.30.

In the setup area of the loan in Quicken the original balance, the original date the interest rate and term are all correct. It correctly calculates the monthly payment.

Once connected Quicken reports the original balance "as reported by my financial institution" is 48,000. No idea where that number came from but Quicken insists on showing a 48000 balance until last month when I resubscribed and now only reports two payments - last month and this month. So its doing things like showing negative equity and that I have an upcoming balloon payment to clear the remaining balance at the end of four years.

So, I have two issues - the first being the data coming back from Hyundai and second being how can I adjust my loan balance so it reflects properly in my plans?

Thanks all, Mark
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