Voucher Checks are printing front/back

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We have used Quicken for 20+ years and have never had an issue until recently. Our check settings are set for one sided; yet, when we go to print multiple checks, they print double sided. We have checked every setting available, installed new drivers, had our IT researching it, our printer tech looking at it to no avail. What could be the issue? Reports, registers, etc. print single sided as they should; checks print double sided. Thank you in advance.


  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    You say you've done everything, so here's a shot in the dark.
    If everything else is correctly printing 1-sided, there's really only one place the setting can be wrong. That is in the Document Properties invoked from Quicken's Check Printer Setup dialog. You can get to the Document Properties from Windows, outside of Quicken, but this is where the decision is made on check printing.

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