Screen freezes and expands to cover task bar

James Taylor
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I'm using Quicken on Windows 11. Periodically -- usually while accepting downloaded transactions -- I'll get a spinning circle mouse pointer, and the Quicken window will expand to fill the full screen (covering the task bar at the bottom). This can go on for 15-30 seconds before Quicken starts responding again. Has anyone else seen this?


  • GeoffG
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    To say "yes, I have seen this" and it is "normal" is sad, but true. Quicken was developed long before Windows. When they migrated to the Windows platform, they used some non-conventional screen writes. All these years later and these limitations still remain. 
    There are many factors that can impact your issue, I have found that always installing the mondo patch helps with this and other quirks. It also helps to reboot your PC every couple of days or so.
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