Citizens Bank - Switching to Express Connect Causes Register Errors

I have 2 checking accounts and 2 saving accounts thru Citizens Bank. I tried to deactivate and all accounts then tried switching to Express Web Connect. I was able to get connected, and I was happy (then problems began).

Previous transactions were added to all accounts ( no problem - this happens all the time when deactivating and activating). So I deleted all the duplicate transactions.

Now NONE of the accounts would reconcile. All the balances were off! After looking at my registers, Quicken changed, many of the previously reconciled categories. That is, transferred categories (between two different Citizen Bank accounts) changed to something else, causing the second account to be off by the amount of the the missing transfer!

I had too many transfers to try to correct this problem!

Quicken needs to correct how it accepts previously downloaded transactions and not change their categories!!!!!!


  • digitalmediaphile
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    The letter from Citizens states you have to use their online portal and web connect. When I called to clarify EXPRESS web connect Citizens told me it would not be supported after June 15th. I made 3 calls to different people and was told the same thing. So basically, you can't use One Step Update with Citizens at all. You have to go to Citizens online banking site and manually download the file and then import it into Quicken. I've selected my replacement bank and am in the process of moving everything out of Citizens.
  • Teddybaer1@
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    My situation is similar to yours (two checking, two savings). The first step was deactivation of all the Citizen's accounts. I tried using EXPRESS Web Connect when I set up the new on-line parameters for each account. Later, I found it took a few "update" iterations. The first time, Quicken presented my four accounts and I had to be sure each was connected [linked] with the proper account. The next time I updated, I was presented with a couple interest payments credited prior to 15 June. Balances matched Citizen's on-line. Two days ago I did an ATM withdrawal of cash, and today, simply using the "update" button within Quicken, the transaction showed up. With Express Web Connect, there is no need to go to log into the bank's on-line site and download QFX. So far so good. That does nothing to allow me to send on-line payments within Quicken, so I am still changing banks, but not burning the Citizen's bridge. Still hoping they will realize this major blunder to cut off directConnect support. I have a number of automatic payments to and from my existing Citizen's accounts. I am pretty sure these transactions will show up via Express Web Connect updates. I think I may be able to update this thread after I confirm success of failure of pre-authorized transactions downloading without the need for extra log-on to Citizens on-line. Fingers crossed.
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