Historical prices and account values are lost after a few recent updates.

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Not all, but some positions are no longer showing history prices and values... I have positions since 2013 which used to work just fine, but now I can only see the history price/market value in Security Detail View starting of end of March 2022.

Not all are impacted, but these are: SSQA3024 MF, DSV TSXV, EMX TSXV.

And I feel it also impacts reporting and Net Worth presentation.


  • Are you using Quicken Canada?  These are Canadian MFs?  If they are, in the "Edit Security Details", make sure BOTH Type and Exchange are "Mutual Fund".  Go to Tools->Security List, and right click anywhere on the security row, and choose "Edit" to get to the "Edit Security Detail".
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    Jf the Type and Exchange set up are ok, and prices are being downloaded currently, you can download historical prices to get back the missing prices for the prior 5 years.  Go to your security list and left click on the fund name.  In the pop-up box, click on "More" and then click on "Download historical prices".
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    If you suspect that a damaged Quotes Price History causes problems ...
    - Click File / Validate and Repair.
    - Click "Validate File" and "Rebuild investing lots"
    - Also select "Correct investing price history" function "Delete" or "Repair and Rebuild". 
    - Click OK. Let it run.

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    @serg, @ukr has a very good idea.  Not sure how your prices went missing, but it could be file corruption.  After you follow the steps in his post, I would suggest you check price history and then download price history again, if you want.  Also anytime you do a major operation on your data file, please make a backup first.
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    thanks everybody for your help/hints

    I had a chance to backup the file and try different steps to isolate the step which will actually correct this issue:

    "Rebuild investment lots" when ran stand alone fixes the problem.

    "Validate File" - does nothing to the original problem but it actually damages some old transfer transactions which are perfectly valid before I run the validation. It removes 'transfer account' from one account but keeps it on the other.

    Transfer between account-1 and account-2,
    Everything is okay with this transfer, 'go to matching transfer' works just fine from either account
    Run 'Validate File'
    Error reported and account-1 still has the transaction in the register but no account-2 is populated, while account -2 register shows transfer transaction with account-1 populated but 'go to matching transfer' results in an error telling to matching transaction exist.
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    Thanks VM. CDN user here with the same problem. This suggestion fixed it.
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