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Are accounts with American Funds and/or Capital Group no longer supported? I see multiple old posts about these institutions, so clearly they were working a year ago...but when trying to add a new account today I select the financial institution from the list and then get funneled to a "Add offline brokerage account" screen. No matter how I try I can't seem to get quicken to launch any online connection.


  • @jkgrice623 - when I go into financial institutions I see "Capital Group-American Funds".  When does it funnel you to "add offline brokerage account"?  Before or after you enter your sign-on information?
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    JKGrice623 Member ✭✭
    @Damian - it never lets me input my sign-on info (username/password).

    That is what makes this so strange, I tried selecting dozens of other banks in the Add Account screen and with every one there is a quick pop-up that says "Connecting with xxx" and then a sign in page. With "American Funds Retirement Plan" or with "Capital Group-American Funds" I don't see the connecting... message. I instead get asked what I want to name my offline brokerage account.
  • Did you try doing a Validate or Super Validate (Ctrl+Shift+Validate)?  File->Validate and Repair.  If not try that and then try to reconnect.  Before you do the validate, please do a backup first.
  • The only other thing I can think of trying is to go ahead and set up an offline brokerage account and then add online services after the account is set up.  Online services do not need to be set up at the time of account set up.
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