Bank of America download issues - popup from BoA to get an authorization code

wawhite Member ✭✭
I have two separate BoA accounts, and both are having this issue. When running an update I am constantly getting a popup from BoA to get an authorization code (as if it is the first time using my device). This is just annoying when doing an interactive update, but it hangs up Automatic Updates altogether as there is no way to respond to the popup. I have tried resetting the accounts, deactivating and reactivating, etc multiple times but it still happens.

Has anyone else been able to resolve this issue?



  • @wawhite - have you tried doing a "Update Now"?  Just click on the "gear" icon at the top right of your register.  It is first item on the menu.  Does it give you the same pop-up?  If so, does it give you an option to input anything?
  • wawhite
    wawhite Member ✭✭
    Yes it does, the first time I do it. And I can interact with the popups. But if I reboot and start Quicken again and do the Update Now I'll get the popups again. BoA is the only institution having this issue for me.
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