When there are multiple investment transactions for a given date...

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and "date order" is selected in the "date" column, the register entries will sort by the alphabetical name of the security. the entries should instead sort by order of entry which they actually used to do prior to the last program update.

the reason that i want the register to sort by when entered when there are multiple transactions on the same date is so that i can easily keep track of what i have entered.

I'm using Quicken Home & Business Canadian version R40.28 Build

(note that I am able to get around this issue somewhat by sorting on the "clr" column which then causes things to be sorted by date and in the case of multiple transactions on the same date, in the order they were entered, but this means I cannot use the "clr" function in my registers.)

in the Canadian version there does not appear to be any preference that i can set to get the desired behaviour in the registers.

please help.


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    They implemented this reordering approach a few releases ago which most users didn't like.  In the newly released R41.9 they fixed it where you can select how you want it displayed in the Preferences.  You can find the release notes and installation instruction here.
    Oops, just realized you have Canadian version - sorry.  Hopefully they will do the same for the Canadian version.
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    Thanks for your reply :-) . I hope so too ;-)
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