Where is the circumvention for Citi Cards 502 errors? - Here's mine...

RobCody Member ✭✭
My troubleshooting efforts for Citi Cards 502 errors found the following:

If I create a new QDF file, the trouble went away (TWA).
If I create a new Citi Cards account within my exiting QDF file, the TWA.
If I re-enable my old Citi Cards account within my exiting QDF file, the trouble returns.

I noticed that when I deactivate online services for my Citi Cards account, the "Financial Institution" field under Account Details / General tab, cannot be changed on the failing account but can be changed on the working account.

Tech support had me run Validate and that resulted in the opening of the "Financial Institution" field. I then erased the "Citi Cards" entry, reactivated the online services, that forced Quicken to ask me which financial institution I want to connect to and I re-entered "Citi Cards". This FIXED the defect within the Citi Cards account.

That's the circumvention that worked for me and might help others while with wait for Quicken to fix the Citi Cards 502 bug.
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