Can't delete old online payees

I was having an issue where I couldn't fully delete an online payee. I say "couldn't fully delete" because while I could delete the payee in Tools / Online Payee List, when I tried to enter a new payee with the same name, Quicken wouldn't allow me to, saying that there was already an online payee with that name. The payee no longer appeared on the Online Payee List, BUT, if I went to add a new Online Payee, and then selected the drop down for the name, the old Payee still appeared in the drop down list!
Based on a online Support Article, I saw something about not being able to delete an online payee if there was a pending transaction for that payee. It suggested I go to Tools / Online Center and then click on the Payments tab.
There was NOT a pending payment for the Online Payee I had deleted, BUT, there was a transaction for a payment I had made months prior. The status column showed "Online Payment Processed 01/15/2022." I could not delete this.
BUT... on a whim, I highlighted the line with the old payment, and then clicked the Update Status button at the bottom of the window. I then clicked the Update/Send button at the top of the window.
I then closed Quicken and restarted it, and I was then able to enter a new Online Payee with the same name as the old one.
What I had actually wanted to do was just edit the address on the old Online Payee, but I couldn't because I was getting the error that one already existed. My guess is it was because of the old transaction. Probably, if I had done the Update Status, I might have then been able to edit the address.
Anyway, hope this helps someone else, as there were a number of posts on this topic that were never really answered.
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