Memorized Payees with same payee name number limited to 9

rreily Unconfirmed ✭✭
Why is there a limit on the number of memorized payees with the same payee name.  I have several savings categories and routinely use "Withdrawal from Goal" in connection with paying different credit cards.  I can not get Quicken to retain more than 9 versions of "Withdrawal from Goal".  I am able to add a new one manually (but not by using Cntrl "M" on a selected transaction).  If I do that the new memorized payee never appears in the list), but within a few days the list is trimmed back to 9.  My guess is that someone put a limit in the display list when quicken opens.  This isn't needed


  • UKR
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    Until someone figures out what's going on here, how about setting up distinct Payee Names for each type of "Withdrawal from goal", e.g.,
    • "Withdrawal from goal (X)"
    • "Withdrawal from goal (Y)"
    • "Withdrawal from goal (Z)"
    which gets around the apparent limit of 9 entries with the same Payee Name and achieves the same result.

  • rreily
    rreily Unconfirmed ✭✭
    I found a way around the limit on the number of payees with the same payee name.  In using Withdrawal From Goal, I just added a distinction like UKR suggested, but used the curly brackets that Quicken ignores so a group of entries would read "Withdrawal From Goal{Visa}.  This solved the problem for me
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