Why am I getting "The resulting transaction is too big."?

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I am trying to enter a bitcoin buy as a stock. (I have done this many times before in this exact account without issue.) The total purchase is $12,500, but when I enter it, I get the error message "The resulting transaction is too big. Please enter it as more than one transaction." I have tried entering the exact same purchase in another account and it works fine.

There is plenty of cash in the account to cover the purchase.

I have read the other discussions on this question and they do not offer a solution that works for me. I have tried validating and repairing my data file.

Any ideas? I would greatly appreciate the help.

(A snapshot of the data entry is attached.)


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    Have you tried entering only number of shares, commission and total cost, leaving price per share blank, to be calculated by Quicken? That's how I usually get around rounding errors with fractional shares.
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    Thank you for your suggestion. After being on chat with tech support for over an hour, all actions taken failed to repair the problem. I have since recreated the account that had the problem and it is working fine. Something failed in the account itself and was not repairable by normal means.
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