No longer downloading Capital One Venture card transactions

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For some reason Quicken stopped downloading the transactions for my CapitalOne credit card. The last one it downloaded was on 4/22. It's downloaded the payments, which are uncleared even though the associated payment from the Savings account is there. I'm on version 41.10, Build it just updated this morning.

A month or two ago I had to do some serious fixing because Quicken started putting transactions in the wrong accounts. I have two savings accounts with CapOne and it started mixing things up. It stopped, but I don't know why it did it in the first place.


  • UKR
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    Citi Credit Cards (only?) authorization problems or CC-502

    You may need to allow Quicken access to your Citi account at

  • mikeulator
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    It's Capital One, not Citi... and it was already authorized. I went through and reauthorized and it pulled it down. However, when I did it I went ahead and said all accounts, told them to link to the already existing ones, and 2 our of the 4 accounts ended up getting their balances screwed up because of it... how I don't know. I couldn't even tell why... the balances were off way back to the beginning so I ended up adjusting the starting balances for them to fix it. I did not see duplicate transactions.
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