Why do I have to pay to renew Quicken. I don't use any connection services

rolf916 Member
:( I have been a Quicken user for about 20 years. I do not use any connection services. I enter all my transactions manually. I don't even have my bank account number entered.
I use quicken to reconcile my account. Last year was the first year I had to pay to renew.
It is as if Quicken holds my data for ransom. I may just use other software from now on.


  • Quicken Jade
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    Hello @rolf916, I can completely understand this concern, I took the liberty of looking at your account and I see you use Quicken Starter. Quicken Starter is a 100% subscription-based product and is not included in our data access guarantee meaning if your subscription expires, you aren't able to use the product. However, if you use Deluxe or above, even if your subscription expires you're able to enter transactions manually and reconcile, you just don't have access to connective services, updates, or support. You can see more information about this here;
    I hope this answers your question!
    -Quicken Jade
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    FWIW, you can also try to find a copy of Quicken 2017 or 2016 and use that. Either version will be able to open your Quicken data file.
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