Is it possible to plot the time series price of an individual security? (Q Mac)

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This was simple to do in QM2007 but I can't figure out how to plot the price history of an individual security. I liked the QM2007 ability to click on a share in the holdings window and bring up such a time series. It also showed when I bought and sold shares.


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    That functionality hasn't made it over to current Quicken Mac yet. You might better off using any of the number of internet price engines, such as

    Only workaround I can think of within QMac is to do a search in your Investing register for the one security. Then export that to Excel or Numbers and use that app to create a chart of the price history. If you have good Excel/Numbers skills, you could probably create markers for transactions on the chart too.

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    Thanks, RickO. I ws aware of these alternative approaches. I was just hoping to avoid all the cutting/pasting and involving other software to recreate functionality that used to exist. It would be nice to be able to plot more than one security at a time as well to facilitate comparisons.
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