Investing in foreign shares

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I hold shares listed on foreign stock exchanges. When converting from QM2007 to the current Quicken Mac version I have one account for US assets and another account for Australian assets (where I live). The US assets are updated automatically. Is it possible to automatically access share prices on foreign exchanges, for example Telstra on the ASX is listed under AU:TLS on bigcharts. Unfortunately for me, TLS matches a code on the NYSE and Quicken contaminated my imported price history with data for the wrong company.

I've now turned off automatic updates so prevent this happening for my Australian accounts but, because this is a global application preference, the implication is that I will have to reconfigure Quicken for automatic updates every time I switch accounts from Oz to the US and back again. Would it be possible to make this preference local to the specific account (quicken file/db) rather than the app itself?
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