Quicken payment instruction errors

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I have automatic payment set up on my Sam's Club credit card on the card's website. On June 6, two payments were made to Sam's Club (Synchrony). One was the autopay from Synchrony, but the other was a payment generated from Quicken using a very old credit card number. I had to contact Synchrony to correct the over payment. I do not know how this instruction was sent from Quicken.
Today I am seeing other instructions for future payments to other merchants and I'm concerned if these are also going to be duplicates. I only have a couple of payments sent from Quicken. I'm considering eliminating all Quicken-generated payments and only use the merchant sites for autopay. Frustrating and time-consuming to monitor this.


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    If you have Autopay by the biller enabled, you should not link the biller to any scheduled reminder in Quicken. That could lead to you selecting Quickpay/Checkpay by mistake and making a double payment.
    Instead, unlink the biller from the reminder. Make sure the reminder is just that ... an offline reminder and not a bill pay reminder. When you receive notice of a new statement being available, execute the reminder to post a register transaction on due date for amount due.
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